Terrace and Balcony Decking

Decking for terrace, balcony, platform, cat-work etc. made out of wood and wood-based materials have to fulfill various requirements:

  • biological durability against wood-decay fungi,
  • resistance against mold, blue-stain fungi and algae,
  • load-bearing capacity with static and dynamic loads,
  • anti-slip property (fastness),
  • wear resistance (for coated products), surface hardness,
  • holding fastness of mounting and fixing elements,
  • dimensional and shape stability with changing moisture.

The relevant material properties can be determined by acknowledged test methods. A specific national (DIN) or European (EN) standard for terrace and balcony decking doesn´t exist currently. Requirements on load-bearing decking result from standards (e.g. Eurocode) or technical rules of timber construction. The installation situation corresponds to use class 3.2 acc. to EN 335 and DIN 68800-1, respectively.

Testing of terrace decking

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