Certification of Construction Products

Market access for construction products is regulated in the European Union by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR/Bauproduktenverordnung (BauPVO)). Beyond that, special national regulations apply, in Germany, for example, the Building Regulations of the federal state (Landesbauordnung LBO).

According to the BauPVO, building products require a CE conformity declaration based on a performance declaration; according to the LBO, special products may require an additional approval by the building authorities or a test certificate issued by the building authorities.

EPH is accredited and notified on a European level as an “independent third party certification body” acc. to EN 17065 (Reg. No. 0766) for products and Factory Production Control (FPC) and, in addition to that, recognised by the DIBt as a body according to the LBO (Reg. No. SAC 03) for the German market.

You will find your contact partners via either the product range maintained by our certification body or the product standards or services of our accredited test laboratory which the certification body will fall back to when selecting and testing performance parameters.

UKCA Customer Information regarding floors
UKCA Customer Information regarding Wood based panels

Product Range of the Certification Body (EU-notified)

Flooring/Sports floors

acc. to EN 14041

acc. to EN 14342

acc. to EN 14904

Panelling and Cladding

acc. to EN 438-7

acc. to EN 14915

acc. to EN 15102

Wood/Wood-based Materials

acc. to EN 13986

acc. to EN 14374 / EN 15497 / EN 16351

acc. to EN 14080, EN 14081-1

Thermal insulation products

acc. to EN 13162 to EN 13171

Windows and Doors

acc. to EN 14351-1

Horizontal Accreditations

  • For selected fire tests
  • For VOC emission tests acc. to EN 16516


CE certificates issued in 2018 (China)

CE certificates issued in 2019 (China)

CE certificates issued in 2020 (China/Vietnam)

CE certificates issued in 2021 (China/Vietnam)

CE test certificates for products issued in 2018/2019/2020/2021 (China/Vietnam/Cambodia)

Test certificates for construction products issued in 2018/2019

Based on market feedback we publish fake certificates and misuse of marks on our Blacklist. Information contained therein was internally validated before publication.

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Rico Emmler

Head of the Certification Body; Floorings

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