Floor Coverings and Underlay Materials

For manufacturers of floor coverings (wood, laminate, cork flooring, MMF and resilient flooring) and their underlay materials, as well as for their suppliers, the EPH is a recognised partner for providing proof of conformity with product standards and also proof of performance as required in the construction industry.

The EPH would like to be your partner as a notified testing and certification body, e.g. regarding reaction to fire, electrostatic behaviour or slip resistance, when it comes to implementing the requirements of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), which applies to flooring in accordance with EN 14041/EN 14342.

Moreover, the EPH operates as a testing, surveillance and certification body for the proof of usability of floors according to the Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO) by issuing General Technical Approval (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (AbZ)).

As an accredited test laboratory, the EPH determines, e.g., acoustic and mechanical surface properties and those that are required by product standards. But also proof of dimensional stability, of emissions and odours, of floor-heating compatibility, of the gluing quality of multi-ply parquets and the properties of flooring systems can be provided.

Sound quality and environmental management is the guarantor for efficient production and oftentimes a prerequisite for success in the market.

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems offers your company expert certification for their QMS 9001 and/or EMS 14001 with backup knowledge of both standard and user-specific requirements of floor covering  and its underlay material.


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