Furniture and Interior Fitting

The services provided in this product range do not only comprise safety or usability testing in the field of furniture, but also regarding similar or adequately used products, such as driver seats and passenger seats in rail vehicles down to foam materials and mattresses.

Thereby, the EPH can also rely on the technological competence of the IHD, its parent companys’ specialists and their valuable experience from more than 50 years of R&D.

Especially in the field of work equipment (office furniture) and furniture intended for use by children (children’s furniture and furniture for schools and educational facilities), EPHs` testing and certification in line with the requirements of “Tested Safety/Geprüfte Sicherheit“ (GS mark) of the Product Safety Act/Produktsicherheitsgesetz (ProdSG) play an important role.

Beyond that, the EPH is also accredited as a GS certification body for all other kinds of furniture, such as modular furniture, outdoor furniture, seating furniture, bedding furniture, laboratory and workshop furniture and special furniture as well as activity toys for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to cooperation agreements with national test organisations, the EPH simplifies access for foreign enterprises to the German market.

In addition to that, we offer testing and surveillance services for the RAL Quality Association, German Quality Association Furniture, (Deutsche Guetegemeinschaft Moebel e.V.) and testing in accordance with national standards of other countries (e.g., ANSI, BIFMA and others). Do not hesitate to contact us in that respect.

Sound quality and environmental management is the guarantor for efficient production and oftentimes a prerequisite for success in the market.

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems offers you expert certification for your QMS 9001 and/or EMS 14001 with background knowledge on the technological processes in furniture manufacture and shop and interior fitting.

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