The Company

The Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH) was founded in Dresden on 30 September 1992 and is a subsidiary company of the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden gemeinnützige GmbH (IHD).

The EPH is a service provider rendering services as an accredited test laboratory and as a certification body for management systems and products, including surveillance, to a wide range of clients, but with a focus on those from the woodworking and plastics industry and craft. The test reports and certificates issued by the EPH as an independent third party are recognised worldwide as proof of performance for materials and products. Our expertise and professional competence in testing, surveillance and certification rests on the technological knowledge base of our parent company, as well as on the flexibility and commitment of our staff. We develop our know-how in an anticipatory way in order to be always able to serve all partners with a customer-friendly and future-oriented performance profile. Our services are a valuable contribution to the improvement of product safety and quality, of usability and health protection.

Moreover, the EPH develops test devices and test methods or assumes developments from its parent company, the IHD, for the purpose of manufacturing them – if desired, jointly with device manufacturers – and marketing them.

The quality and certification services provided by the EPH are controlled by accredited management systems. Apart from its headquarters in Dresden, the EPH maintains a branch operation in Detmold (NIMM-EPH), whose focus is on furniture testing.

The EPH provides its services worldwide through a global network. For that purpose, the EPH collaborates with representatives and partner laboratories in Germany, Europe, Asia and Americas.

In 2022, the export share of EPH services amounted to approx. 57 %.

Our collaboration with the IHD

The EPH is the subsidiary company of the IHD. The expertise and technological competence of the IHD form the basis of the services provided by the EPH. Learn more about

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