Panelling and Cladding, Façades

The EPH is a recognised partner for providing proof of performance in the building industry for manufacturers of panelling and cladding, their suppliers, for property developers, architects and experts.

EPH is your partner when it comes to meeting the requirements of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), which apply to façade elements, panelling and cladding in interior design, but also those that apply to specific German regulations according to the Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO), e.g., for façade systems or balcony balustrades.

The  Product Certification Body and the Accredited Test Laboratory are notified on a European level and recognised by the DIBt for the proof of applicability of building elements according to the Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO).

The EPH issues proofs of performance of product properties of decoratively coated  compact laminates, which are required by the provisions of European Product Standard DIN EN 38-7 for performance declaration and CE marking. Jointly with the client, it sets up the test programmes that are required by the LBO for the general permits issued by the building authorities through DIBt for the use of back-vented façade claddings in Germany.

EPH is a sought-after partner to suppliers of panelling and cladding (fastening systems, coatings, etc.).

Apart from determining regulated performance parameters, our accredited laboratory provides a comprehensive scope of services when it comes to test further relevant performance characteristics, such as the durability of coatings, noise insulation or hygiene-relevant properties in living spaces, and/or to neutrally assess them in line with a certification programme.

Sound quality and environmental management is the guarantor for efficient production and oftentimes a prerequisite for success in the market.

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems offers your company expert certification for your QMS 9001 and/or EMS 14001 with backup knowledge on standard-relevant and user-specific requirements of panelling and cladding.

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