Certification of Management Systems

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems certifies quality, environmental and energy management systems (QMS, EMS, EnMS) acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 or DIN EN ISO 50001. It works neutrally and confidentially and is monitored by an independent steering committee. It has been accredited since 1995. Therefore, its certificates apply worldwide.

General Terms and Conditions of the EPH

Benefits of a QMS/EMS

The Quality Management System (QMS)

  • helps the business to guarantee the quality of its products and services by applying economic organisational structures and to improve its competitiveness,
  • builds client confidence in the supplier’s capability to supply products and services in stabilised quality.

The Environmental Management System (EMS)

  • serves to improve environmental protection, especially to prevent from environmentally relevant incidents, by uncovering the need for action and by removing weak points,
  • promotes the image of a company towards authorities, clients, suppliers, insurers and others.

The Combination of QMS and EMS

  • suggests itself, as numerous actions, such as having to take legal requirements into account, defining responsibilities, training the staff or controlling routines, are constituent parts of both systems.

Certification Procedure

The usual procedure of QMS/EMS certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001/14001 includes the following steps:

  • client’s declaration of interest towards the certification body
  • provision of the Certification Body’s Application Form, Terms and Conditions and Schedule of Fees
  • submission of the filled-in application to the Notified Body
  • quote delivered by the Notified Body and conclusion of a contract
  • appointment of an auditors’ group and coordination of the further schedule
  • pre-audit, if requested (only one pre-audit permissible!
  • handover of the client’s QM and/or EM documents to the Notified Body
  • handover of the audit schedule, Stage 1, to the client
  • Audit Stage 1
  • report on Audit Stage 1, incl. examination of QM and/or EM documents
  • determination of the period up to Audit Stage 2
  • handover of audit schedule, Stage 2, to the client
  • Audit Stage 2
  • report on Audit Stage 2 with a recommendation on awarding a certificate
  • decision on awarding the certificate taken by the certification committee
  • notarisation of certification
  • annual surveillance of the QMS/EMS at the client’s location
  • re-certification after three years, if desired

Branches of Industry and References

Branches of Industry

Based on the special expertise of its auditors, the EPH Certification Body has specialised in the following branches of industry:

  • the wood-working trade
  • the manufacture of furniture, sports products and toys, brooms, paint-brushes, brushes and other products made of wood
  • the manufacture of doors, windows and other structural elements
  • the manufacture of wood pulp, cellulose, paper and cardboard
  • the surface treatment and mechanical engineering for the woodworking and wood-processing trades
  • chemicals as far as they relate to woodworking or wood-processing
  • the commercial trade, maintenance and repair of consumer goods
  • the provision of services to companies
Anna Adamska-Reiche


Anna Adamska-Reiche

Head of the Certification Body; Contact person for EMS

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