Wood-based Materials

Service for manufacturers, traders and users of all types of products made of wood-based materials – be it for use in the building industry or in furniture manufacture and interior fitting – traditionally form the core of the EPH’s scope of services.

Thereby, the EPH can also rely on the technological competence of the IHD, its parent companys` specialists and their valuable experience from more than 50 years of R&D.

The EPH is your partner when it is about accessing the construction industry market of the European Union in order to fulfil the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and, beyond that, also the special German regulations according to the Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO).

Wood-based materials are found in many applications in the construction industry, both as a structural material and as floor covering (wooden flooring, parquets, laminate flooring) or as panelling and cladding elements.

Wood-based materials are often part of composites (e.g., WPC), in formwork panels or in automotive engineering with special coatings. For all these applications, the EPH is your service partner when it comes to check relevant performance parameters (chemically, biologically, physico-mechanically) at our accredited test laboratory and/or to neutrally assess them in line with a certification program.

Thanks to our partnership with the Quality Association of Wood-based Materials and many RAL quality associations, we are able to offer to you many special services as a testing, surveillance and certification body.

Surface quality (wear/optical appearance) is of decisive importance to many applications and that’s why our service offers a wide range of specific surface testing – be it of coated or uncoated wood-based material.

To furniture manufacture and interior fitting, the emission behaviour of coated and uncoated wood-based materials is of crucial importance. The EPH is renowned worldwide as a partner for testing, surveillance and the certification of formaldehyde emission (CARB, E1).

Sound quality and environmental management is the guarantor for efficient production and oftentimes a prerequisite for success in the market.

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems offers you expert certification for your QMS 9001 and/or EMS 14001 with background knowledge on the technological processes in the wood-based material industry.

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