Windows and Doors

For manufacturers of structural elements, their suppliers, property developers, architects and professional experts, the EPH is an acknowledged partner for rendering the required proof of performance in the construction industry (e.g., for fitting, seals, coating systems, etc.).

Thereby, the EPH can fall back on the competence of the specialists of its parent company, the IHD, who work on research projects, for example, on the methodological basics for test procedures to evaluate performance parameters.

The EPH is your partner when it comes to meeting the requirements as set out by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) that apply to windows, doors and connections, but also to those of specifically German regulations according to Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO), e.g., for balcony balustrades.

Our Test Laboratory for Windows and Doors is part of the accredited EPH laboratory and has been granted recognition by the DIBt as a testing body for proving usability of structural elements according to Building Regulations of the fedral state (Landesbauordnung LBO).

The EPH issues proof of performance for product features of windows, doors and frame materials that are required by the provisions of the European product standard DIN EN 14351-1 for CE marking and also by EPH’s clients.

The EPH has decades of experience in testing CE performance parameters for usability, but also in evaluating burglary-resistant performance parameters, characteristic values relevant to heat insulation or ventilation in special window designs.

Apart from mechanical-physical performance parameters, our accredited test laboratory for windows and doors also offers a complex scope of performance if it comes to checking relevant performance parameters, such as the durability of coatings or parameters relevant to living-space hygiene, and/or to neutrally assess them in line with a certification programme.

Thanks to our partnership with RAL Quality Associations/RAL-Gütegemeinschaften, we are able to offer special services as a testing, surveillance and certification body.

Sound quality and environmental management is the guarantor for efficient production and oftentimes a prerequisite for success in the market.

The EPH Certification Body for Management Systems offers your company expert certification for your QMS 9001 and/or EMS 14001 with backup knowledge on standard-relevant and user-specific requirements of structural elements.

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