New Website of the Technical Journal “holztechnologie”

13. May 2020

The new Internet appearance of the technical journal “holzttechnologie” has been online since 6 May 2020.

The website presents itself in an up-to-date design after a comprehensive technical and optical revision. All issues and specialist articles that have appeared since 2005 are now clearly presented together with their bibliographic details and abstracts. Apart from its optical rejuvenation and availability also in English, the focus was, above all, on the introduction of a search function. From now on, various search filters allow readers to conduct research by year, issue, author or keywords among the approximately 700 specialist articles. Single contributions and complete issues can be requested directly as a PDF file via a download function.

Moreover, the new website provides information on subscriptions and trial subscriptions as well as media data and advice for authors. The editorial staff very much appreciates manuscripts submitted on the topical areas of wood science, wood-based and composite materials, bonding agents, wood modification and processing, surface technology or furniture.