Besides know-how as an accredited laboratory for emission and surface testing, EPH offers technical equipment such as testing chambers, emission gas-analysis systems and surface test devices.

Soeren Hahn

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Soeren Hahn


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The testing equipment features ease of use and layout in accordance with the customer´s requirements at an attractive price. The devices allow emission testing according to a variety of testing standards.

Emission test chamber systems

  • System PK-ES (stainless steel)
    • Interior volume 100 l/225 l/1,0 m³
    • Setpoint import directly via PLC
    • Remote process parameter adjustment/monitoring

Gas analysis system for testing acc. to EN ISO 12460-3

  • GA-4M.nt (Master...M)
    • Two chamber unit
  • GA-4ME.nt (Master and Extension)
    • 2 x 2 chamber units
    • Recording of all process parameters
  •  System GA-ES 120 (stainless steel)
    • Two chamber unit
    • Chamber air temperature up to (120 ± 0,5) °C, e.g. for testing acc. to ÖNORM M 6219-1

Surface test devices

  • Small ball (EN 17368) and big ball impact test devices
  • NALFA impact test device
Test chamber system
Test chamber system
Gas analysis system
Gas analysis system
Small ball impact test device (EN 17368)
Small ball impact test device (EN 17368)