EPH is familiar with the tests for all types of decking: e.g. WPC, wood and bamboo decking, according to EN-standards or ISO test methods for bamboo.

Wolfram Scheiding

Dr. rer. silv. 

Wolfram Scheiding

Head of Departement · Wood preservation · Wood modification (TMT) · Building biology · Insulation materials

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Biological durability

  • Laboratory and field tests against wood destroying and discolouring fungi and algae

Weather and moisture resistance

  • Natural weathering test
  • Artificial Xenon- and QUV-tests
  • Moisture resistance under cyclic conditions

Slip resistance

  • Pendulum and ramp test
  • Dynamic friction test

Mechanical tests

  • Bending strength and fracture behaviour
  • Shrinking and swelling
  • Creep behaviour
  • Falling mass impact test

Product standards for WPC

  • EN 15534-1 (Test methods)
  • EN 15534-4 (Specification)
  • German WPC-producer quality guideline
Ramp test
Ramp test
Weathering of samples
Weathering of samples
Algae test
Algae test