Quality Mark TMT

EPH offers a certification programme Quality Mark TMT, a specific, voluntary certification system for thermally modified timber or TMT. The programme conforms to the requirements of EN ISO /IEC 17067.

The Quality Mark TMT is referring to a specific TMT type according to the definition in CEN/TS 15679, which is specified by wood species, occasionally grading, producer, process type and treatment intensity, and is prevailing usually as sawn or planed timber.

Objective of the product certification is to create confidence at customers and users that certified products are manufactured under regularly conditions (including a factory production control, FPC) and fulfil defined requirements. The product quality is surveyed regularly within an external surveillance by testing selected properties. This is confirmed by EPH as an independent and competent third party.

The successful certification is presented to the public by the seal of the Quality Mark (see example on the right).

The testing of different product properties is performed by the test laboratories of EPH, which are accredited accordig to EN ISO/IEC 17025.

TMT-Quality-Mark Certification Programme October 2021.pdf

TMT-Quality-Mark inspection checklist.pdf


The Quality Mark TMT is issued for 3 categories:

Range of application according to use classes (UC) according to EN 335

TMT category
1Interior, dryinterior

2Interior, or under cover, not exposed to the weather; risk of condensation

Exterior, above ground, exposed to the weather; limited wetting conditions

3.2Exterior, above ground, exposed to the weather; prolonged wetting conditions
4Exterior in ground contact and/or fresh water

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